alignment of sun and moon for eclipse
The Alignment of Tiny Houses, Pocket Neighborhoods, and Affordable Housing for Seniors
The month of August 2017 brought a stunning alignment of the sun and moon, creating a total eclipse across much
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William Morris quote
Less House, More Home
Originally, I had planned to write a post about the more mundane (but necessary) matters of tiny houses:  bathrooms and
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Surprise inside!
It’s pretty amazing in here . . . If your image of a “tiny house” is a narrow box with
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Greenwood Avenue Cottages
What’s in a dream?
There’s no doubt about;  I’m destined to be what they call an “elder orphan”: someone with no adult children, spouse,
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Wishbone Tiny House
I could never live like that!
Don't get me wrong.  When HGTV first started airing shows about Tiny Houses, I was fascinated.   But I was
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high-end CCRC
What’s an aging boomer to do?
You know the part where they say you need to have $1 million saved for your retirement? Well, I don't
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