The Alignment of Tiny Houses, Pocket Neighborhoods, and Affordable Housing for Seniors

alignment of sun and moon for eclipse

The month of August 2017 brought a stunning alignment of the sun and moon, creating a total eclipse across much of the United States. That event seemed to trigger my awareness of other things coming into alignment, especially as the next few days brought some tantalizing tidbits about tiny houses, pocket neighborhoods, and seniors to my attention.

On TUESDAY 8/22, I got an email from a woman telling me that her partner’s goal is to make tiny houses specifically for seniors.

On WEDNESDAY 8/23, I read an article from “Senior Housing News” saying that “it’s only a matter of time before the [micro-design] trend hits senior housing … as a cost-effective and low maintenance style of living.”

Less House, More Home

William Morris quote

Originally, I had planned to write a post about the more mundane (but necessary) matters of tiny houses:  bathrooms and storage.  However, along the way I got inspired by The Big Tiny Bash hosted by Modern Tiny Living on August 5, 2017.  To celebrate the launch of their new Cedar Springs Tiny Village (New Paris, Ohio), the people at Modern Tiny put on a great event, featuring model tiny houses and top-notch speakers.

One of the Tiny Bash speakers, Bruce Faris (who is the architect for Modern Tiny Living and lives in a tiny house himself) gave a helpful overview of the “Top Ten Decision Points to Live Tiny.”  For the final point on “why go tiny?” he started naming things such as financial freedom, sustainability, enjoying other aspects of life, independence.… Continue reading . . .

Surprise inside!

"Saltbox" living room

It’s pretty amazing in here . . .

If your image of a “tiny house” is a narrow box with impossible stairs, and your vision of downsizing is letting go of everything you care about, be ready for some surprises.

Think REFRESHING . . . a beautiful, inviting space.

Think COMFORTING . . . a house that takes care of you, instead of you caring for it.

Think INGENIOUS . . . a way to live with less and feel as if you have more.

As I’ve been saving images on my Tiny Houses for Seniors Pinterest boards, I’ve ooohed and aaahed over so many unique ideas that I hardly know where to start.  … Continue reading . . .