The Alignment of Tiny Houses, Pocket Neighborhoods, and Affordable Housing for Seniors

alignment of sun and moon for eclipse

The month of August 2017 brought a stunning alignment of the sun and moon, creating a total eclipse across much of the United States. That event seemed to trigger my awareness of other things coming into alignment, especially as the next few days brought some tantalizing tidbits about tiny houses, pocket neighborhoods, and seniors to my attention.

On TUESDAY 8/22, I got an email from a woman telling me that her partner’s goal is to make tiny houses specifically for seniors.

On WEDNESDAY 8/23, I read an article from “Senior Housing News” saying that “it’s only a matter of time before the [micro-design] trend hits senior housing … as a cost-effective and low maintenance style of living.”

What’s in a dream?

Greenwood Avenue Cottages

There’s no doubt about;  I’m destined to be what they call an “elder orphan”: someone with no adult children, spouse, or companion to rely on for company or assistance.

I’m certainly not alone in this (not to put too much of a pun on it).  The data suggests that 29 percent of noninstitutionalized older people live  alone.  That’s approximately 13.3 million of us!  There’s even a Facebook page for elder orphans.

But, I argue, being independent has been a source of pride and pleasure for me, and I’ve manage quite well most of the time, thank you very much.  So why should it be any different now?… Continue reading . . .